Kasper Cyr


February 14, 1993 - February 14, 2008

Kasper is in doggie heaven chasing lizards in the desert. We miss him very much.

by Jerry Adams


He was a fearsome, raging beast

To those who knew him least

We were lucky to know him best

He was always a welcome guest


Chasing Gary’s bike was fun

In younger days he sure could run


And run he would from camp to camp

At begging cookies he was the champ


What he did & where he’d go

Are things you probably don’t want to know


Even after years had taken their toll

In the desert evening he’d take a stroll


Erin’s shout was loud & clear

“Kasper, Get Back Over Here!”


His presence might be made known

With a bark, a whine, a sigh or a groan


His stoic stare could make you cautious

(Or his leaking gas might make you nauseous)


But he would always touch your heart

Kasper & the Dez could not be kept apart


Other challengers he might meet

But he could never, ever be beat


No other dog could keep him down

He always wore the dogfight crown


For us whose hearts he’d forever touch

We’ll all miss him so much

Long after we’ve dried our tears

His legend will live for years


We’ll stand in the cool of the night

Around the fire’s warm light


And we’ll talk of him and smile

And remember Kasper, 

     King of the Rock Pile



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